Really Awesome Days

- That is our goal -

We believe that it is people that make an experience. We believe that relating to people on a real level is what makes what we do worthwhile. We look to inspire people to follow in our footsteps by writing an inspiring story, by connecting to people, and creating content that will achieve, for an audience, a truly awesome experience.

Started  as a multifaceted duo with strengths in creative communications and production. We have invested all our energy into what we care most about; our passion of connecting people to stories that matter.   



Passionate about all things PR, Ruth-Ann Dafoe entered the industry in 2009 working for a boutique agency in Manhattan, New York. As a self-taught publicist, Ruth-Ann had a knack for pairing brands and medias and in her short time in New York achieving multiple worldwide magazine covers. Looking to be closer to family, she made the move back to Canada where she decided to become formally trained in her craft. Since then, she has continued her work in Toronto as a freelancer and returned to Humber College to complete a Bachelor of Public Relations. Since returning to school, she has worked at Humber College’s business incubator HumberLaunch, integrated advertising agency DDB and works on an on-going basis with R.A.D clients both in the for profit and non-profit sectors.


What we do...

R.A.D. Productions is an independent Film and Television Production company Based out of Toronto, Ontario. We are currently in production of our first major project called Snakes & Lattes "The Show".  Inspired by the look and feel of the real world café, "The Show" will situate itself inside a fictionalized version of Toronto’s most successful board game café, Snakes & Lattes.


Drew Wesley

Drew is a creative and engaging artist and performer. Having started his career as a young actor gave him the ability to discover the different parts of production that inspire him. Always having a love for writing and creating, he was given an opportunity to expand this skill set when working as a Host and Producer for T.V. Ontario, TVOKids - The Space. Working for four years in children's television allowed Drew to write, perform, produce, and direct content that inspired young minds. Now having shifted his focus to inspiring others, and creating content that relates to a wider audience, Drew finds himself with a new passion and skill set for finding the stories yet untold.