Drew Dafoe

"Not all those who wander are lost;"
                                           - J.R.R. Tolkien

As a writer, performer, artist, and ambitious endeavorer, I am a wanderer. Having no fixed artistic passion or desire, I find, it inspires me. As I travail the many facets of what I love, I search for multitudes of people, stories, and challenges that inspire one to live a life full and to their very level best.     

Drew Dafoe
Creative Director

Drew is a creative and engaging artist and performer. Having started his career as a young actor gave him the ability to discover the different parts of production that inspire him. Always having a love for writing and creating, he was given an opportunity to expand this skill set when working as a Host and Producer for T.V. Ontario, TVOKids - The Space. Working for four years in children's television allowed Drew to write, perform, produce, and direct content that inspired young minds. Now having shifted his focus to inspiring others, and creating content that relates to a wider audience, Drew finds himself with a new passion and skill set for finding the stories yet untold.